World War Z




World War Z is an exciting third-person cooperative shooter designed for four players on clashes with hordes of zombies rummaging in search of prey. Designed for modern consoles and personal computers, the game World War Z with a dynamic gaming process based on the very popular namesake film Paramount Pictures Studio will open new scenarios and heroes from different countries of the world whose mission is to survive in dramatic, hyper-difficult and terrible circumstances.

The horde of zombies who do not feel fear or pity. She goes forward multiplying and destroying everything in her way. Keep a common defense and use an arsenal of lethal weapons against hundreds of swarming zombies. Feel the true taste of life having deceived death and overcome the superior forces of the invaders. Destroy the undead with rocket launchers, machine guns, anti-aircraft guns, turrets, anti-tank guns, barbed wire and many other things.


Humanity is on the verge of destruction. The undead are everywhere, from New York to Moscow and Jerusalem. A myriad of hungry zombies who know neither compassion nor fear crushes and infects the exhausted survivors of the World War Z world.
The most resilient of the survivors unite and try to survive. It’s easy to fight one by one. Together, we can still make a mess and make a bad party to the horde. Only in this way can our history – the history of humanity – continue.


Father Popov and his team must survive and defeat the horde of zombies to find the secret bunker of the Kremlin.


The group survived on the roof of an office building in Manhattan must stay in houses filled with zombies, in the street and in the subway of New York to be able to leave the city while the army tries to regain it.


The military unit is to bring an outstanding scientist out of the devastated city to activate the combat complex on the abandoned satellite base.


The hordes of zombies in the game behave like real ones, they are stuck in narrow corridors and straddle each other to reach the players who are up to it. When players go farther and farther, it becomes harder to defeat them because they behave like a real boss with a common will.

The Swarm Engine ™ game engine developed by Saber Interactive Studio offers the perfect visualization of hundreds of zombies during incredible shootings on the screen. A realistic image of blood and mutilation makes this third-person shooter ruthlessly truthful and shocking.


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